Reynolds Bar & Cafe

There was a time when virtually every corner in New York housed a neighborhood bar, a vital part of mid-century life. Sadly, most of these bars are gone. However Reynold’s Bar & Cafe lives on.

reynold's bar & cafe

Located on the corner of Broadway and 180th St. in Washington Heights for the past 50 or so years, Reynold’s has retained its classic neon sign. It also seems to have retained its original clientele, but that’s besides the point.

Walking into Reynold’s is like walking into New York’s past. It’s somewhat seedy past, yes, but with so many local haunts disappearing, we should be thankful for what’s left.

UPDATE 6/9/15

Reynold’s unfortunately closed a few months ago to make way for an urgently-needed deli.

UPDATE 11/17/16

Not a deli at all but a wine bar. It’s been under construction for more than a year now and still has not opened.